Central Medical Gas Systems

Fully Automatic Medical Gas Control Panels - SM02

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    All of our manifold are designed for reliability and maximum life and minimum maintenance comply with HTM 2022/HTM02-01.

    The normal operation of the changeover & control depends on an electrical supply. The design ensures that in the event of electrical supply failure there is no disruption to the flow of gas into the MGPS.

    The unit will have separate pressure regulators for each bank of cylinders and control system that will be designed for the case of maintenance. Cylinders can be changed or the pressure regulators removed for overhaul Without loss of continuity of the gas supply.

    The system is provided with Monitoring to detect and display

    • Running Bank Operating
    • Running Bank Low.
    • Reserve Bank Operating.
    • Reserve Bank Low.
    • Pipeline Pressure Fault.
    • With BMS interface, EOL, Central Alarm, Gas Transmitter/Encoder.